To get started being an Official DITV Reseller you will need to purchase 10 credits. After buying credits we will send you your login for the reseller panel :
More about Reseller system, boxes, services, panels and how they work :
You have to be a reseller with us for 4 months before you can receive reseller service discounts.
Some services don’t have panels you have to contact us for activation. Information on each service will be sent when you become a reseller
10 credits is the minimum amount of credits you can purchase as a reseller. 1 credit = 1 month
All the credits stay inactive in the panel until you add the mac address to the credit and activate. The 31 days start once you activate a credit there’s no way to reverse it or give it to another customer once you activate.
You can send customers reminders to make payment with some panels or tell customers about new products or promotions.
10 credit panel price ranges from $99.99 to $225 (the more credits you buy the cheaper the price)
Trial accounts ( you can create free test for your customers)
When you are low on credits just contact us during business hours for a refill. Please don’t wait until you have 5 credits left to ask for a refill. A customer can ask for a year and you will not be ready for the order.
Extend (You can renew your expired clients via panel)
24/7 Support for all resellers (100% support)
Have your Own Sub Resellers and many more features
Full Unlimited Premium Bandwidth package below for customers that have their own channels or want channels made and put on a reliable server.
Why buy our boxes?
All of our reseller boxes come with your box name, bootscreen, custom apps, and plain shipping box.
class1 box= 1gb ram 4k good chipset wifi no buffering
5-20 $30
21-40 $28.50
41-60 $26.50
61-80 $24.50
81-100 $22.85
class2 box= 2gb ram wifi 4k 3d better quality box
5-20 $40
21-40 $38.50
41-60 $36.50
61-80 $34.50
81-100 $32.85
class3mini box= 2gb ram wifi 4k 3d 7.1.2
5-20 $48
21-40 $46.50
41-60 $44.50
61-80 $42.50
81-100 $40.85
class4mini box= 3gb ram dual wifi 4k 3d 7.1.2
5-20 $50
21-40 $48.50
41-60 $46.50
61-80 $44.50
81-100 $42.85
class5 box= 3gb ram dual wifi 4k 3d oreo
5-20 $60
21-40 $58.50
41-60 $56.50
61-80 $54.50
81-100 $52.85

What’s the difference between a custom app and pro custom app?
Custom apps have your logo and website info but you can’t put it in any appstores. Pro version will have all your info inside with your security key and you can sell it anywhere. There’s a $20 upfront labor charge non refundable and you pay the rest after the app is done. You will receive a video of the finished product showing it being installed and used on a device. You will receive the app by email, dropbox, whatsapp, anyway you want the app delivered to you. The time it takes to make the app depends on what type of app you want. If you want another app cracked and then changed so you can use it. This can take longer depending on the apps security. If you don’t want any one to enter your app that will cost more and trust me Amazon and Google will ask you to remove the security because they can not.

What’s renaming service?
Changing anything portal, software, or device and making it yours so you can sell it with your name and logo.

Web design and hosting with us why?
We will make sure your website is wording thing correctly and being sold legally so you and your customers feel safe. We install shopping carts. Also resellers will be able to offer all of our products and services on their website at reseller rates without having to buy any panels. If you need a card processing company you can trust. Contact us for details.

Do you sell channels or restream?
Yes, but only our channels please contact for more info.

What do you sell?
We sell apps that have access to free servers, we sell panels for people to resell, we sell android and mag boxes, we customize and develop boxes and apps, software, anything our customers and resellers need. We also provide vpn service for pc and other devices.

Do you sell dealer or owner panel?
Yes. We sell all types of panels. Contact us at for pricing.